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I've filmed a few famous subjects: Buzz Aldrin, Elon Musk, Cynthia McKinney... but I'm not really interested in filming them because I figure they have plenty of exposure. I'm more interested in filming you.

Notable clients include Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and Sustainable Valley Technology Group. Dan volunteered as a camera operator at Boeing Museum of Flight. Other notable subjects have included Ed Iskendarian, "the camfather"; Peter Berg, founder of 'bioregionalism'; Starhawk; & CSPAN BookTV bus.


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Over 200 unique videos by Dan: including interviews with inventors, authors, art, music, politics, inspiration, silliness.
3/4 of a million+ views as of November, 2015.

"Demo Reel"

Experimental monochromatic videos.

Carolyn Dulac & Richard Royce, two music videos showing a bit of creative post-production.

Infinite Energy and Vortexes

There's an infinite amount of energy available everywhere, all the time, for our physical healing, psychic opening, and harmonizing the planet.

(I wrote the script, identified suitable images, narrated, and produced.)

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Space Exploration videos

American Ley Lines pt. 1

Dorothy Leon discovers the "Triangles from Mountains":
the pattern of 19 mountains and bodies of water in a nearly perfect circle around the Grand Tetons.

American Ley Lines pt. 2
The Oregon Vortex, Lemuria, Earth Chakras, Anchoring the Light. Dorothy Leon.

Community Emergency Response Team
Ashland Oregon CERT wildfire exercise, 4 August 2007. Lucy Edwards describes CERT, the exercise, and the training volunteers receive. Produced by DanShaw.com.

Dorothy Leon:


Ascended Master Saint Germain
During Dorothy's 8-year indenture with Saint Germain, he manifested physically for her 3 times, giving her a lot of work to do!

Inner Earth
Dorothy Leon's research into the 'hollow earth' stories from today, and many ancient civilizations.

Is Jehovah an E.T.?
The God of the Hebrews was one of the lesser gods, a physical being, an E.T. This impatient being was not the "Father" inside everyone Jesus taught about. Dorothy Leon cites the Bible and many other ancient texts.

An Indigo Struggles to Overcome Drugs
Dorothy's grandson overcame his addiction to meth with Dorothy's loving support. Tough love doesn't help. Unconditional love with rules works.

Beyond the Follies of Fundamentalism
Dorothy Leon reveals the true intent and nature of the higher plane of spirituality...

Coming Full Circle
Dorothy's sister Peggy's inspiring life, loves, and lessons.

Gypsies (Forthcoming in August)

Revelation Revealed
Dorothy's most esoteric book yet.

Gleanings Along the Path
64 essays from 30 years of Dorothy Leon's newsletters, straight from the heart.


The Travel Psychologist
Michael Brein wants to hear your travel stories, to put in a book. Share your great & terrible experiences, and get a free book...Michael has collected 1500 traveler's stories so far.

Channeling Biker Bob
Nik C. Colyer talks about his novels, men, women, isolation, & community.

Vibrational Alchemical Chants
Suzanne Moussette does sound healing with her voice. Two examples. Caution: volume between spoken word and song varies! SuzanneMoussette.com & DanShaw.com

50 Feet in 4 Seconds
Sheryl Jai's new life was just beginning as she fell off a 50 foot cliff...

King Arthur & the Mystical Landscape
Arthur, Warrior King, man, history & legend. GordonStrong.com.

King Arthur: Gordon Strong
Gordon Strong, of England, speaks on the historical and mythical figure of King Arthur, the Grail legend and the Mystical Landscape. Introduction.

Working with the Life Force of the Earth
Eastern Shoshone Blue Thunder with Shondra Rose of Light (part 1).

We Have 66 Chakras: 33 Male, 33 Female
Open and Activate all your chakras, so they can receive and transmit energy...

Castle Crags 360-degree Panorama

Euler's Disk physics toy

A carefully crafted, 3" wide chrome plated, steel disk spinning on a concave mirror base. A gentle twist turns into a dazzling motion and sonic hum that doesn't seem like it will ever stop! eulersdisk.com

Newton's Cradle

Geometry of Planets: Bruce Rawles
Bruce describes his geometric which art based on the ratios of planetary orbits & inspired by John Martineau's Little Book of Coincidence.


The Harmonic Code
Robert Ross describes how musical harmonics and rational numbers create a synergistic system of musical possibility, criss-crossing braids of musical notes, keys, and scales. Produced by DanShaw.com.

The Harmonic Code part 2

The Harmonic Code part 4

The Harmonic Code part 5

Genome Music
The day (in 2001) the genome sequence became available, Todd Barton 'sonofied' the sequence. Todd is the music director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Hear & learn more at ToddBarton.com.
genome music Todd Barton dna rna gene

Genome Music (part 2)
Todd Barton describes sonifying (turning to music) amino acids, trypsin, and insulin; a woman choreographing a ballet about the gene for Huntington's disease. See ToddBarton.com. Produced by DanShaw.com.
Todd Barton genome music Huntington's disease insulin

Neil Young's "Card of Gold"
Performed by TwoEasyBand.com. Produced by DanShaw.com.
music eugene two too easy band neil young heart card gold

Delusions of Grandeur: Chordbusters

Mommy Jamboree
Delusions of Grandeur, comedic barbershop quartet

Delusions of Grandeur One More Minute with You
"We're the greatest barbershop quartet in the entire universe." One More Minute With You, and Taco Bell's Canon.

Switzer-boy, What'll I Do?, Li'l Darlin'

Robert Roth -- Steamroller

Star Spangled Spirit


"King-Arthur" Madrigal
Vanessa and Aletha Nowitzky, Singdancing.com

Profound shifts in awareness through creative action. Holly Adams invites you to share your experiences.

Live Your Masterpiece part 2

Live Your Masterpiece part 3
Holly Adams feel the presence of Georgia O'Keefe when she paints...

Firedancing on the Plaza
Ashland, Oregon, July 27, 2007. With Marimba Mike. Thanks to Sean Simms. TELL City of Ashland you support Firedancers!

Mosaic Moe Poem
Inspired by several real-life eccentrics...

To the Pilgrim on their Way
A poem by me, Dan Shaw, along with pictures of me and my cross-country trip visiting vortexes with Nick Nelson, my co-author for the Vortex Field Guide.

WorldPortLive.com, Seattle, Washington, 2008
12+ episodes of mine at youtube.com/worldportlive

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