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Do you have a special project needing temporary or permanent leadership? I can help you manage the details ahead of schedule and under budget. Contact me.

Having deeply cultivated his spiritual abilities, Dan has been a valued strategy consultant for the work of Reuniting America, a catalyst for the emerging spiritual politics movement in America.  He has considerable intuitive gifts, is practical, wise, supportive and, although frequently in the role of documentarian, serves as often as a trusted guide and coach.
Joseph McCormick, Co-founder, Reuniting America
Dan is the only reason I have a presence on YouTube.  He videoed my offerings, edited them and helped me post them. I am completely satisfied with his work and I recommend him to anyone needing video to web support.
Wendell Fitzgerald

Thank you Dan!  You have helped me with my website and blog in so many ways, with tutoring and bouncing off ideas when placing new items as well as developing my videos, editing them and helping to consult when I had questions that would make it a good video or not.  Your help is a tremendous value.  Thanks again.
Love, Love
Shazna (the 'z' is silent)
Creator of Biospheric Reconditioning, Author, Speaker, Teacher

"It has been my pleasure to know and work with Dan Shaw on my website and videos. His knowledge and experience, keen listening skills, perception, creativity, and insight have contributed to the success of my online business. "
Michael Brein, Travel Psychologist

Dan Shaw has helped me with revising my website, developed a video about the interdisciplinary nature of playing the Lambdoma Keyboard.  He has also put some of my art on Twitter, and created a blog that referred to emails relating to the Lambdoma wisdom.  He has also made some of my CD's available to purchase from his website, and has also advertized and sold a Lambdoma Keyboard for me with another scheduled in a few months.
Barbara Hero

"Working with Dan has been extremely helpful because he has tons of creative ideas.  He is also very adaptable and a good listener and tailors his approach to suit my particular needs."
Jack Chernos

Dan filmed, edited, and posted a series of interviews for me that resulted in a number of new contacts. I appreciated his technical knowledge & skill and the way he assisted me in looking natural and feeling comfortable when I was in the "hot seat." Dan is also my webmaster.
Robert J. Ross

Dan's friendly caring and genuine interest in my work gave me an online presence, which enabled me to share my ideas across time and space to reach synchronistic opportunities, ultimately helping me manifest a more fulfilling life.
Vanessa Nowitzky, innovator of singdancing

Dan combines proficiency in technical skills with excellency in teaching and communication skills. All in all, Dan is a rare find in the computer world.
Doctor John Armand Stern

Dan Shaw helped me develop the website for my blog, Peace by Design and contributed his unique technological skills and his great eyes to my helping me develop my business as well as my website. He was fun to work with and I truly enjoyed his generosity, openness and willingness to share everything he has learned, as well as being candid about what he didn't know. He made working together fun. I also appreciated Dan's skills as a videographer. He filmed me giving my first public speaking engagement and he made me look very good. I feel I can call on him whenever I need him.
Joy Helmer

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Videos // Business Support Services // Writing // Design // Cartography // Court Exhibits // Speaking // Events // Acting // Aerospace // Social
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