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Thanks for considering appearing in a DanShaw.com video.

I want you to talk about whatever is important to you. Part of my purpose is to support your dreams and visions. We will do whatever serves you best.
I am particularly interested in making films about sacred places, about people, and about how people connect to their place. I am also very interested in creativity, inspiration, music, and art.

Here are the things you will find useful to know about video, internet video, and how I like to work.

We'll take all the time we need. If you make a mistake, say "Cut!" or “take two,” or simply back up and start over. In post-production we can edit out pauses, bloopers, etc. At the ‘end’, we'll sit for a moment to make sure we've got everything we could want. Then, I may ask you some questions of my own.

When you finish a segment, sit still for a moment as newscasters do, so that I can "fade to black". (Don't look up right away and ask, "How was that?").
For YouTube.com purposes we are looking for short clips of ten minutes or less. If you like, I can ask you questions in an interview format. Restate my question in your answer in case we want to edit out my questions.

Your home, office or studio is the best location, partly because it is visually interesting and partly because you have control over stray noises such as air conditioner, shutting windows, etc.

I subscribe to the “filmmakers vow of chastity,” with some modifications, known as Dogme 95. To me that means as little artifice as possible, to convey the greatest immediacy, reality, and truth. I spend a minimum amount of time in arranging sets, lighting, post-production, etc. hopefully to achieve an extreme cinema verite, where viewers feel not that they’re watching, but that they’re sitting right there with us.

You may require your approval before I release the video. The video remains your property until and unless you release it to me, at which time I may use it in whatever way I see fit, specifically, reproduce, store, share, sell, and authorize others to do so in any and all media, electronic or otherwise. I may eventually incorporate parts of your video into feature-length films.

It is vital for you view your videos as soon as possible, so that we can modify them if needed, and post them on YouTube nearly in “realtime”.
We can discuss further how you can make the best use of your video once it is live. I will deliver it to you on a DVD and in several formats for your use. If you would like additional video or website production, please enquire.

You may view your video(s) at: youtube.com/vortexmaps
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Thank you so much for playing along!
Dan Shaw
tel. 707-513-9005
PO Box 3028, Ashland, OR 97520 USA

P.S. Before we start filming, I’ll ask you to do a “station identification”. I would like you to say simply, “I’m watching DanShaw.com”, (or some variation).


Filmmaker -- Writer -- Speaker -- Business Support Services
Dan Shaw dot com