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50feetin4seconds.com: One day, Cheryl is hiking the beautiful mountains of Sedona, AZ, where she lives, the next she is surrendered to the powerful energy of God healing her body of over 22 broken bones.

AshlandBikramYoga.com: Hot Yoga.

AshlandCreativeOutlet.com: World-Class Talent.

CatieFaryl.com: Artist

Department-of-justice.org: Jack Chernos music of historical importance.

Dorothyleon.com: Serving Ascended Masters for many years, first publishing of the 'EarthStar North America' vortex map.

free-do.info: Free Dimensional Orbiter Astrojax.

Goldenvortex.com: Nick Nelson, magnet and vortex researcher.

GreatSong.com: Kevin Cory, brilliant New Thought musician.

JohnMichell.com: Grand Master of Earth Mysteries.

Lambdoma.com: The Lambdoma Keyboard, a rare microtonal music instrument plugs in to your laptop.

Light-weaver.com: 3-dimensional, whirling, morphing electronic mandalas and more.

Robert Ross
RossHarmonics.com: Breaking the Harmonic Code: How the frequencies of musical notes self-organize! by Robert Ross.

Saqqarawest.com: Egyptian mysteries direct from Don Beaman.

Singdancing.com: Completely innovative art form.

WorldPortLive.com: Seattle Web Video


Poet -- Speaker -- Writer -- Webmaster -- Filmmaker -- Alchemist